I can't extract the files from a ZIP pack!

If you're having trouble extracting files from a ZIP pack after downloading from the site - we can help!

First, we'd always recommend that you have up-to-date unzipping software installed on your device. For more information about the different unzipping programs available, please take a look here.

When trying to extract files, your system may sometimes try to extract these to a .temp folder, which may not work. You may receive a message letting you know that the extraction cannot be completed and the destination file could not be created.

There are two options to try:

1. Copy and paste the downloaded ZIP file to your desktop. Right click on the ZIP folder and select 'Extract all'. You can then choose where you'd like the files to be saved.

2. Return to the resource page and right click on the pink 'Download' button. Select 'Save link as' and choose your desktop. You can then extract the files, as described in point 1. 

If you're not having any luck, don't worry! Just get in touch with the lovely TwinklCares team and we'll be happy to help :) 

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