Help! I'm not receiving email replies from Twinkl!

Here at Twinkl HQ we reply to all our lovely customers as quickly as is twinkly possible (and that's rather quick!) If you have been in touch but haven't heard from us here are some handy tips!

E-mails and Site Contact

E-mails can sometimes get sent to junk mail, or even your promotions folder, so be sure to check for a reply there.

If you have been asked to leave your e-mail address, it may be that it has a spelling error so be sure to double check this before you send it through to us.

Be sure to keep us updated when you change your e-mail address. You can update yours here 

Email block

Depending on where your school is, there may be block on our e-mails. This has recently occurred with e-mail addresses that include @worcs If you think that this might be happening to you, please call us, send us over your school phone number, or contact us from your personal e-mail address and we can advise you on what to do next! 


To speak to one of our lovely TwinklCares team in person you can always give us a call! We are available by phone every day. Sometimes we may all be busy on the line but if you leave a message with your name, number and username we'll call you back. If you don't hear from us please call us again as, occasionally, the line may not be clear enough for us to hear when you leave your number.

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